Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 or HR 1044

Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 or HR 1044

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The United States House of Representatives have lapsed AN overwhelming majority legislation to get rid of the seven per cent country-cap on green card candidates, a development that may finish the torture some wait of tens of thousands of gifted professionals from countries like Asian nation World Health Organization has wanted permanent residency.


Increase the per-country cap

By singing the bill it will turn into law, which will increase the per-country cap on family-based migratory visas from seven per cent (7%) of the overall range of such visas to fifteen per cent (15%) for every year. This will eliminates the seven per cent (7%) cap for employment-based migratory visas.



Indian IT professionals, most of whom area unit extremely accomplished and are available to the United States chiefly on the H-1B work visas. The worst sufferers of this immigration system that imposes a seven per cent per country quota on allotment of the in demand positive identification or permanent legal residency.


Eliminate the limitation of per-country

This bill will eliminate the limitation of per-country numerical for employment-based immigrants and this will extend to the per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants. This bill was passed with overwhelming majority on 365-65 votes during a 435-member House. Lifting the per-country cap would chiefly profit professionals from countries like Asian nation, for whom the await positive identification is quite a decade. a number of the recent studies have aforementioned the waiting amount for Indian IT professionals on H-1B visas is quite seventy years. Of the unreserved visas, no more than eighty-five per cent shall be assigned to immigrants from any single country, law-makers analysis Service (CRS) aforementioned.


Needs to be lapse the Senate

The bill, however, needs to be lapse the Senate, wherever the ruling party enjoys a majority, before it may be signed into law by United States President Donald Trump.A similar bill being supported by a two-party cluster of senators, as well as Indian-origin legislator Kamala Harris, is slated to return up for thinking shortly within the Senate.


Congressman John William Curtis, speaking on House floor, aforementioned that bill can produce a first-come, first-serve system providing certainty to employees and families, and Facilitative United States firms to flourish and vie during a international economy as they rent the brightest folks to form merchandise, services, and jobs – in spite of wherever they were born.


Nothing to do with merit-based System

This bill is nothing to do with merit-based System passage of the bill was welcomed by Indian professionals from across the country, in significantly within the geographic region in Calif., port of entry space in Washington State, the bigger Washington DC space and also the Tristate space of the latest royal line, New Jersey and Connecticut. Top Yankee IT firms additionally welcome the passage of the bill and urged the Senate to pass it at earliest in order that the President will sign it into law.” Today the United States House of Representatives passed legislation to confirm folks from all countries’ area unit treated a similar within the positive identification method. This promotes a {good} high-skilled immigration system that is good for business, and our economy,” aforementioned Microsoft president Brad Smith.



Todd Schulte, President FWD.us, AN support organisation representing high geographic region firms, as well as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and DropBox, aforementioned


that “this bill can facilitate make sure that those seeking permanent residency won’t need to face extraordinary wait times – projected at fifty years or additional for folks from countries like Asian nation and China – just because of their country of origin.” “Eliminating ‘per-country’ caps for employment-based inexperienced cards and raising caps for family-based inexperienced cards can build the system fairer for migrator families whereas additionally strengthening the United States’ ability to recruit and retain high international talent by establishing a good and inevitable path to permanent status,” he said.


Bill that was championed

The bill that was championed by Sunayana Dumala, the mate of Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla World Health Organization was shot dead during a hate crime shooting, aforementioned that it had been a crucial day and “a moment we’ve been watching for years.


Finally, our labor and tireless efforts have get fruition,” The Kansas town Star according.Kuchibhotla was killed during a shooting at eating place in Olathe in Kansas in Gregorian calendar month 2017.


His mate Sunayana created multiple visits to Washington to advocate for the legislation.”And today, with unit of time 1044 obtaining passed, I will finally realize peace and no words will specific my happiness,” she said.This story has been revealed from a wire agency feed while not modifications to the text. solely the headline has been modified.


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