Training || Job placement companies in Chicago

Are you looking for opportunities where you can learn and grow further? Do you want to undergo a thorough and detailed training process for getting close to a dream job? If yes, then you are at the right place. Information Technology – What do you need to know? The world has become smaller where modes […]

Training and job placements in California

Information Technology- Its high-end use The world has become smaller with fast-paced modes of communication. After all, it signifies the unstoppable and rising growth which technology has registered over the years. Hence, every department now makes the use of IT department as well. Consultancy firms – Importance In California, various training and placement companies are […]

Training || Job placement companies in St. Louis

Training and Job placement companies in St. Louis Sparkling eyes, smiling faces, and a hidden hunger to do something big in life sum up the usual traits that aspirants have while coming to St. Louis. In order to help them realize their dream, it is the training and placement companies here that are proving to […]

Tips of how to prepare for the job interview

Do you know that you have the chance of impressing the interviewer and grabbing your place in the coveted organization if you have professionally prepared? Yes, indeed. After all, a job interview is obviously the most important time which becomes a deciding factor whether you would fit in the esteemed organization or not. Now that’s […]

Type of USA visa available

Are you planning to make a visit to the United States? If yes, you might have noticed how many different kinds of visa the United States offer. And if you are having trouble figuring out which visa is right for you, this is the right place. In this article, we will be looking at the […]

New H1B Selection Process Based on Salary That Has Become Effective from March 2021

USCIS is going to publish the Final Rule on Jan 8, 2020, which states the modification about how H1B Visa will undergo the selection. Current Selection Process- Random Selection from Registration The new Selection Process comes with the Selection Based on Higher Wages (Salaries) offered. It’s essential to note that the H1B Selection based on […]

Grab the opportunity of serving as the stem opt professional

Grab the opportunity of serving as the stem opt professional   Vacancies are available in the New Jersey OPT form to hire and Visa sponsorship jobs with Desi consultancies. If you have been facing difficulties as a job seeker, the company can ensure giving you the flexibility of finding international student jobs. Besides, you can get […]

Mulesoft interview Questions

Self introduction Daily Duties What Cloud hub vs runtime fabric ? How to achieve load balancing ? How cloud hub will be incorporated into any point?   Traits is like function and is used to define common attributes for HTTP method (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE, etc) “Typed Fragments”. There are two types of typed fragments […]

Recruitment Service

Desiconsultancies recruitment service offers resume searching on leading job boards, short listing potential candidate’s resumes, communication with them via phone and e-mail and routing the right contenders to your executive or technical recruiters. With this, technical and executive recruiters can fully focus on their core functions – networking, building relationships, and hiring more candidates. The […]

White shrimp Exporters in India – Prawns Exporters from India 2017

Prawns Exporters in India Prawns Exporters In India– Here we are there to provide Prawn in the low cost. We will provide fresh water and salt water Prawn from river and sea. We get the products from different areas of India. India exported tonnes of Prawns. We will provide those in different types. And also […]