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GPT-3 shortcut codes

Here are a few useful shortcut codes you can use to improve the results when using GPT-3 for generating text:

  1. “.repeat” – allows you to repeat the previous message, with optional text insertion.
  2. “.greet” – generates a random greeting.
  3. “.bye” – generates a random farewell message.
  4. “.insult” – generates a random insult.
  5. “.compliment” – generates a random compliment.
  6. “.question” – generates a random question.
  7. “.converse” – switches the model to the conversational mode, where it tries to continue the conversation.
  8. “.code” – generates code in a specified programming language.
  9. “.summarize” – summarizes a given text or article.
  10. “.math” – solves mathematical expressions and problems.
  11. “.search” – performs a search for a given query and returns the results.
  12. “.translate” – translates text from one language to another.
  13. “.evaluate” – evaluates an expression and returns the result.
  14. “.plot” – generates a plot of a mathematical function.
  15. “.table” – generates a table from a given data set.
  16. “.music” – generates music in a specified genre or style.