Mockup Interview for your new job search

Improve you skillset in IT

If you are planning to looking for a new job, Schedule a mockup interview with in-person.

People Tendency

We work all day and focus on specific issues and ignore the tiny mini things. For example in IT , if you start working in the new programming language or technology, you will be start ignoring the syntax Or basic of past tools. At times , this requires a brush up the old skills .

Mockup Interview

Why to fail in the first interview ?

We often think of remembering the concepts and design of the business or work, but that’s not enough while moving to new jobs. Interviewer are very much interested in knowing about your skillset and your approach towards the result.So they focus on small things all the time

What options you have ?

Desi consultancies provides a unique option to prepare yourself and make yourself better even before you face an interview. whether it’s a first interview or upcoming one.

What you have to do ?

You need to submit the below contact form of Desi consultancies and schedule a interview with your open slots by contacting desi consultancies customer service 

Scheduling Mockup interview ?

After scheduling a mockup interview , real interviewer will asks questions and rate where you need to more focus on.

As always, We respect the privacy of our customers. so you data will be masked/protected. So just take a step with  confidence  in desi consultancies and make a progress in you career.

Does it cost me  ?

we will provide a one free trail and the next call you need pay the interviewer 10$ per hour call.

What if I continue to use my free trails ?

he/she  interviewer will make sure to focus on the weak areas which you need to prepare and explain certain concepts if necessary. It’s worth more than what we think.

incase if you want to have three people at a time, we can modify the schedule as per the needs.

Which technologies we will support ?

Desi consultancies are ready to support 675 technologies including GCP , AZURE and AWS. So don’t hesitate to take the trail call, which will boost your career.

I am interviewer , I would like to participate ?

Feel free to fill the below form and we will train you accordingly.