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Quantum Computers

Bit is a binary digit of data in a computer, which has only two values 0 or 1. Bytes can store a single character length of 8 bits like ASCII character of “h” is 1101000 bites. These storage memory is discussed on the bytes like mega bytes and gigabytes. Medium book size is about 1mb is equal to 1024 kilobytes or (1024*1024) bytes.

As read computer storage memory is calculated or measured in megabytes or gigabytes. Microprocessor will have 8 bits wide address and 8 bits wide data bus this will help microprocessor can address 256 bytes of memory. This can read 8 bits of the memory at a time.

As traditional computers work on 8 bits in singular manner, quantum computers do the same work in parallel manner with the help of qbits. To understand the quantum computers in detail (Heisenberg and Planck’s theory), we need to go through the quantum physic how atoms are moving in wave motion and how ripple waves are creating for the same atoms. Qbits are measured in unit of memory and these special particles can take 0 and 1 values simultaneously. Traditional light bulb will have on and off , but this qubits will have both on and off at one time under specified magnetic and electrical fields like parell universe, this is also called as superposition. Qbits are provided with special property entanglement like earth orbit, this helps to keep the dependencies on other qbits where energy and mass are correlated with each other regardless of distance. Qubits states are similarly to the earth longitude and latitude positioning. quantum-mechanical system is one that can exist in any two distinguishable quantum states

Generally, Electrons have a property called spin which is an intrinsic angular momentum. On applying the magnetic field, electron may exist in two possible spin states up and down. computer use this spins in semiconductors and store the information. So these quantum computers operate with multi state and multi spin of qubits with 0 and 1.