Recruitment Service

Desiconsultancies recruitment service offers resume searching on leading job boards, short listing potential candidate’s resumes, communication with them via phone and e-mail and routing the right contenders to your executive or technical recruiters. With this, technical and executive recruiters can fully focus on their core functions – networking, building relationships, and hiring more candidates. The […]

Quantum Computers

Bit is a binary digit of data in a computer, which has only two values 0 or 1. Bytes can store a single character length of 8 bits like ASCII character of “h” is 1101000 bites. These storage memory is discussed on the bytes like mega bytes and gigabytes. Medium book size is about 1mb […]

Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 or HR 1044

Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 or HR 1044 VISA NEWS by Admin       The United States House of Representatives have lapsed AN overwhelming majority legislation to get rid of the seven per cent country-cap on green card candidates, a development that may finish the torture some wait of tens of thousands […]

Employers Consulting Services

Conducting research, candidate resume sourcing through your in-house database or jobboards databases where you have subscribed to (you will provide us access to jobboards/databases and authorization to use the same for researching your requirements). Resume screening and matching resumes as per required skills Short listing of potential candidates Contact short listed candidates via email, know […]


Do you dream to go abroad ?? this is necessary!!!Check this! In the present scenario, placing in an organization at the good position is not an easy enough. For that, a lot of competition has to cross over to attain the job. Everyone knows that learning is how important to lead a life, for that […]

Apply for the job

Apply for the job of an Information Technology Specialist Once you have got the required certifications, the next thing you need to do in the series is to apply for a perfect job as an Information Technology Specialist. But do you think, that is so easy to go on? It takes a lot of effort […]

IT Certifications

Obtain your IT Certifications Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology can make you a suitable person to get a job as an Information Technology Specialist. But do you think these qualifications alone can work for providing you better leverage in the same? Surely not and especially when the level of competition is quite […]

How to Become an Information Technology (IT), Specialist

How to Become an Information Technology (IT), Specialist An Information Technology Specialist: A job profile that has become quite familiar these days. It would be regardless to say how important is Information Technology for all of us. Whether it is about managing accounts of a company or it is about doing some research work, Information […]