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Tips of how to prepare for the job interview

Do you know that you have the chance of impressing the interviewer and grabbing your place in the coveted organization if you have professionally prepared? Yes, indeed. After all, a job interview is obviously the most important time which becomes a deciding factor whether you would fit in the esteemed organization or not. Now that’s where the role of experienced and dedicated services namely Desi consultancies comes to play.

Hence, prescreening naturally becomes of prime importance where you want to give your best shot. This can only be possible when you have actually gone through a tailor-made, professional as well as a systematic and clear-cut preparation.


Minutely go through the job description

Now, that you have got an interview date, it is important to be very well aware of the complete information associated with the job description in terms of the following:-

Job Title

Job title will give you an insight into the specific role which you will be playing in the organization.

Associated tasks and duties

Carefully go through the details so that you can better make your skills in complete alignment with the requirement or job

Expected skills needed

Based on the previous experience you have, that will come in handy in convincing the employer. In order to better prepare yourself, there are consultancies that conduct interviews to prepare for the big day.

Research the company

Companies are on the lookout for potential candidates, whom they can hire for the long term, considering the amount of investment they do. Hence, if you want to be included as a prospective candidate, then research the company about the following:-

  • The financial state of the company: – Go through the website of the company, you are going to be a part of the interview very shortly. This will help you to know whether they have been growing and expanding etc.
  • Culture: – How can you miss visiting LinkedIn when it comes to knowing about the company’s well-being? Well, by checking the same along with Google reviews you will witness reactions made by the former as well as current employees.

Use nonverbal communication to your benefit

Do you know that nonverbal communication plays an important role in adding your chance of creating a job in the organization? For example, standing straight (no drooping of shoulders) making eye contact, having a strong voice are a few of the many tricks which you need to follow. After all, such characteristics can create moments of positivity and turn the situation in your favor as well.

Prepare your answers

How important it is to prepare researched and customized answers that you are highly likely to be asked in the interview? Well, they will create a strong base for you towards increasing your chance of undergoing a successful job interview. Desi consultancies can help you with various aspects in terms of mockup interviews needed for job search along with career advice and many more. In this way, you are in a far more confident and authoritative position of bagging the most coveted position in a company.

Research about the Interviewer

Knowing about the identity of the person before the interview will give you a certain degree of confidence. You will try to create a familiar side with yourself by gaining maximum information to help you immensely in your quest of preparing for the interview. You can know about the profile through LinkedIn. Also, search whether the website has the Bio of the interviewer.

Greet your interviewer

Do you know that ‘confidence’ increases your chance of landing a job? Yes, and you can play to your advantage by greeting your interviewer with a friendly smile and firm handshake. This additionally speaks about positivity and increases your chance of getting a secured job. Hence, as the interviewer conduct interview, he/she realizes that you have a spark and motivation to carrying forward with a bang.


‘Listening’ is an art that not many people can imbibe. If you want to be successful, then you should inculcate in yourself the habit of listening so that you can avoid interrupting others in between. Right, when the interview starts, the interviewer provides you with certain information and knowledge and it is your responsibility that you closely and minutely listen to the same. So, be a good listener as you will learn this through the mockup interview which Desi consultancies have in store for you. After all, the parameters of good communication skills is listening and convincing the other person that you have actually heard him in length about it.


Be accountable for what you write in your resume

You rightly know that your resume acts as an open book for the interviewer to know about you and the work experience you have. So, be very expressive and ready to answer every detail you are being asked to. So, you are held accountable for every single word you have chosen to write. He/she may ask you from anywhere. Considering the importance of this step, you need to thoroughly prepare for the same, where mockup interviews extensively prepares you.


Practice speaking and closely monitor your body language

It is highly important to be positive and create long and lasting impressions during the interview process. You need to develop a friendly and strong speaking characteristic with professional body language. In prescreening sessions undertaken by Desi consultancies, you are given similar teaching so that you can professionally groom yourself right before the big day. This is all about the practice after you get professional guidance in the form of mockup interview. You can also practice with your friends for the interview. So this exercise will give you confidence and prepare you further before the big day.

Prepare yourself accordingly

Now if you have prepared yourself in the form of a mockup interview, it is the time for you to travel to the place of putting your skills and professionalism to test yourself. So, if you are heading to an area which you don’t have knowledge about, then it is important to leave early. In this way, you can reach your final destination well in advance. You never know that in spite of starting early, you may be surrounded by unavoidable situations, such as the breakdown of your transport. So save the number of the concerned interview coordinator in order to explain him/her about the current situation you are in.

Never make the mistake of talking too much

Do you know when you continuously speak; you directly increase the possibility of committing mistakes?  Since, in the following cross-questions you may end up not giving proper answers. Hence, this is where the importance of enrolling yourself in agencies which conduct interviews. It helps you to prepare thoroughly and to address your specific and pinpointed answers. So, have complete and full authority over what you say with full concentration.

Never show your desperation

There are certain candidates who are so desperate that their behavior itself explains the same as they can literally be seen begging to hire them. This is a strict ‘No-No’. If you are one of those, then it will only add to your grievance as you will most probably be rejected. In practicality, your confidence, experience and knowledge should be the base for others to decide about the outcome.

Ask queries

Do you know that you never have to say |No” on being asked by the interviewer if you have any questions? Yes, this is where prescreening prepare yourself in length with tailor-made answers to specific questions. When you ask questions, you show curiosity towards understanding the method through which the company operates. Likewise, you will know about the specific role you have in the company. This will send a signal to the hiring manager that you are concerned about your future and likewise ready to gain all the required information to decide accordingly.

Never use slangs

It is important to avoid slang relating to age, religion, race, politics, etc, or else you may throw your chance of a safe and secure job. Be professional with a charming personality and carefully use words which add to your authority of getting closer to the job.

Pick your outfit

Do you know that your presentation matters in an interview? Yes, indeed. You may have thoroughly prepared in terms of mockup interviews, but what equally matters is the way you dress up. So, once you choose your outfit, ensure that it is properly cleaned and shoes polished. What many make the mistake which the Desi consultancies have highlighted as well, that your nails should be properly trimmed while your hair should be in order, neither too long nor too short.

Create a Follow-up after the interview

Once your interview has taken place, it is time for you to follow up with the employer. This will instill in the employer the massive interest you have for the specific post. This exercise will also remind the employer of the complete conversation which he/she had with you, as it may work in your favor.