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White shrimp Exporters in India – Prawns Exporters from India 2017

Prawns Exporters in India
Prawns Exporters In India– Here we are there to provide Prawn in the low cost. We will provide fresh water and salt water Prawn from river and sea. We get the products from different areas of India. India exported tonnes of Prawns. We will provide those in different types. And also we provide all the types of Prawns they are King Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Endeavor Prawns and Banana Prawns.

White Shrimp Exporters in India
White Shrimp Exporters in India – We will provide the Prawns which are in different conditions. They are dead Prawn, frozen Prawn and live Prawn. Dead Prawns are only supplied when they are dead and these are placed in ice boxes and provided in the available low cost. Frozen Prawns are firstly soaked in salt water and then they are boiled, these Prawns also available in our exporting. Alive Prawns are directly taken into bags filled with water and then supplied. These are the different exporting types of Prawns in India.

Prawn Exporters in India

Types of Prawns and Exporting
Types of Prawns Exporting– King Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Endeavor Prawns and Banana Prawns are exported. King Prawns are common food recipe in United States. All these types of Prawns are available in our exporting company at any time with good quality and quantity. And these are provided with the available low costs. These provide good proteins for our body the Nutrition quantity posses in high quantity.

Prawns Exporting in India
Prawns Exporting in India – Good source of complete protein are Prawns. These provide your body with all of the building rocks. Small amount of Prawns (85 grams) contains 100 calories and 23 g of proteins. Chicken or beef provides this much calories and proteins. Every tissue and organ in our body uses this sufficiently.

Cholesterol in Prawns
Cholesterol in prawns- Small amount of Prawns (85 grams) includes 165 mg of cholesterol. But per day a human body can support only 200 grams of cholesterol this may not be exceeded even they are taken 85 grams of Prawns. All are provided by us are in good quality with perfect packing and these are exported very hygienic.

Prawn Suppliers in India
Praws suppliers in India – Prawns are exported from India to other countries. We will provide all the facilitate opportunities to reach the good quality Prawns. This prawns exporting is a business in India. We include all the local suppliers and provide the big amount of Prawns every day. This is running as a good quality process of supplying. Prawns are the best for the body in giving Nutrition’s and Proteins in a required amount. Including giving Nutrition’s and proteins Prawns provide amount of Cholesterol.

Prawns are best for the health a huge amount of energy to our body. Prawns are the best. Prawns are supplied in different quantities to different countries. This is running like a business, most of the exporting is done on good quality check. We are here to provide all the information regarding exporting of Prawns to different other countries and places. Including different places any quantity is provided. Even the fresh water and salt water Prawns are provided. Fresh water Prawns are taken from lakes, ponds and some are maintained for the exporting purpose. And salt water Prawns are taken from the sea. All these are separately provided for the requirement and order. Based on the size of Prawns also exporting is done.


Tiger Prawns / King Prawns / White Shrimps Exporters from India
King Prawn, Tiger Prawn, Endeavour Prawn and Banana Prawns exporters from India . We will provide all these types of Prawns on your order. We are running this in the trust worthy. The quality available is good and the packing is done in hygienic. Prawns are mostly exported to US because in this country every day recipe. Prawns include Zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium and phosphorous. Zinc and selenium helps in healthy functioning of your immune system. Magnesium, phosphorous and copper helps in numerous metabolic processes. Also help you to maintain strong bones. Prawns are an excellent source of high quality protein and several important vitamins and minerals that support your good health.

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