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Desi Consultancies provides high quality n-house training for the CPT and OPT students. You can start here to enhance skill set. Out mission is provide the right training to grow your career


This is the best place to find the reliable and right fit consultancies across united states. Our mission is to provide the equal opportunity and right pay scale for each employee


Desi Consultancies provide the job opportunities across the united states . You can search the necessary information on the job portal. This will provide the necessary training for interviews and brush up your skill set.

Visa work

Desi Consultancies will provide the necessary information regarding the paperwork , stamping and provide consultation regarding the processing incase of any questions.

service we provide

Provide training in AI, GCP , AWS cloud platform.

Technology Assessments

Desi Consultancies will provide mock up intevers for to assess the knowledge and find the gaps


Desi consultancies provide the IT certification courses materials to achieve the their goal.

Profile Building

Desi Consultancies helps in profile building with different skill sets. Provides proof reading for your resume

Employee profiles

Desi Consultancies helps to provide the right candidates for the your IT consultancies.

Choosing Employer's

Desi Consultancies helps to provide the right employer database across united states and guide you as per the needs.